Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre

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Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre
Diabetes Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre

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A well-known acupuncturist and herbalist in Kuala Lumpur tells us about neuro-acupuncture treatment....read more



Diabetes Mellitus is a common metabolic endocrinopathy resulting from absolute or relative deficiency of insulin and leading to metabolic disturbance of carbohydrate, fat and protein. The disease is frequently followed by water-electrolyte imbalance and acid-base disturbance. According to the age of the patients, clinical manifestations and requirements for insulin, diabetes can be divided into many types. In Acupuncture, this disease is defined as 'xiao ke' which means diabetes.


1. The characteristics of a typical case of diabetes mellitus are often polyphagia, polydipsia, polyuria and loss of body weight. Early or asymptomatic patients only show abnormal release of cortical hormone and insuline inside the body. The level of fasting blood sugar is elevated with abnormal glucose tolerance test. Symptomatic patients are frequently complicated by other symptoms of dermal, neural and endocrinous disorders, besides polyphogia, polyuria and loss of body weight.

2. The main complications and concomitant diseases of diabetes mellitus are diabetic ketoacidosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetic renopathy and peripheral neuropathy. Cardiovascular complications are the chief causes of death.

3. Diabetes mellitus is classified into juvenile and adult types according to the clinical features. The age of onset of the juvenile type is young and has a tendency to inheritance. Blood sugar fluctuates widely and is quite sensitive to insulin. Threatment is difficult and it is often named insulin-depending diabetes or unstable diabetes. The age of onset of adult type is above 40. This type is relatively mild and can be controlled by dietary restriction or oral antidiabetics. Therefore it is also named non- insulin depending diabetes or stable diabetes.

4. Accessory examination

a) Fasting blood-glucose is higher than 130 mg. Blood glucose after meal is more than 160-180 mg. Urine is positive for glucose. If complicated by ketosis, urine is positive for ketone bodies.

b) Glucose tolerance test can be used to diagnose early or suspected cases and is the principle test in diagnosis.

c) New diagnostic techniques such as testing blood insulin levels are quite helpful in understanding the pathological changes of pancreas and in obtaining information concerning treatment.


1. Dryness-heat in the Lung and Stomach Main Symptoms : Restlessness, polydipsia, polyphagia with tendency to hunger, dryness of the mouth and tongue, polyuria, red tongue with yellowish fur, slippery and rapid pulse.

2. Deficiency of the Kidney Main Symptoms : Polyuria with turbid discharge, soreness and debility of the lumbus, dryness of the mouth and tongue, dyshopria with feverish sensation in the chest, palms and soles, red tongue, deep, thready and rapid pulse.


Usually it takes between 1 to 6 months for recovery by Chinese Master's way of medication. The treatment includes acupuncture herbal medicine qi qong exercise and dieting therapy, etc.


The syndrome is caused by heposecretion of antidiuretic hormone resulting from hypothalamus-pituitary lesion. It can also be secondary to other diseases. The state of illness may be mild or severe, transient or permanent. The disease belongs to the category of 'xiao ke' in Acupuncture.


1. Polyuria, polydipsia and increased water intake are the principle features. If water intake is restricted, severe dehydration may occur.

2. The etiology of primary diabetes insipidus remains indeterminate. Secondary cases may be initiated by tumor, infection or trauma of the hypothalamus-pituitary system or the adjacent tissues.

3. Accessory examination

a) The specific gravity of urine is reduced and usually less than 1.006. The osmotic prnsipidus from psychogenic polydipsia and polyuria.

b) The osmotic pressure of plasma is elevated. There may appear dizziness, dysphoria, tachycardia or disorder of consciousness, the so-called hyperosmotic syndrome.

c) Water-deprivation test and hypertonic saline test are used to ditinguish diabetes insipidus from psychogenic polydipsia and polyuria. Water- deprivation test is dangererous, and now is rarely performed.


Deficiency of the Kidney-qi. Main Symptoms : Polydipsia, frequent and profuse urination, emaciation, aching pain in the lumbus, lassitude. The case exhibiting more symptoms and signs of deficiency of the kidney-yin is marked as feverish sensation in the palms and soles, restlessness, red tongue with little fur, deep, thready and rapid pulse; while the case presenting more symptoms and signs of deficiency of the kidney-yang is manifested as light colour urine, aversion to cold, impotence, pale tongue with whitish fur, and deep, thready and weak pulse.


Usually it takes between 1 to 6 months for recovery by Chinese Master's WAY of medication. The earlier you come for the treatment the better change of getting fullly cured in the shorter time.

All diabetes can be treated, it depends on the lever and how long its been diagnose, mostly be treaded untill total recovery and if too late only until stable area even with gangerene conditions they can get it done for no-operations needed by Chinese Master World First Class Physician awarded by China and recongise USA UCLA's top professor.

Many that came to Master gets good RECOVERY, others have very good result until they came be normal for daily duties at work and not feeling tire.

Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) in diabetic patients

Hypoglycemia or low blood glucose is a condition where the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood drops below a certain point (about 3.0mmol/l). This causes a number of symptoms that usually go away 10 to 15 minutes after eating sugar.

Regular blood sugar tests can help you identify when you need to pay extra attention to your blood sugar level.


Insulin is normally produced in the pancreas and helps the body's cells absorb glucose from the blood. Normally, the glucose level rises after a meal to about 7 to 10mmol/l and insulin is secreted from the pancreas. The glucose level starts dropping again about one to two hours after the meal, and is back to normal by the next meal (about 4 to 5.5 mmol/l). By this time, the insulin level in the blood has also returned to normal.

Diabetic patients, hypoglycemic episodes (also known as 'hypos') can be caused by too much insulin in the blood, or less insulin is needed.

Too much insulin in the blood

The dose of insulin or anti diabetic tablets is set too high.

The patient has accidentally overdosed or been given too many tablets.

Less insulin needed
1.If the patient has eaten less than usual.
2.If there has been physical activity.
If the patient has been drinking alcohol.

What happens during a hypoglycemic episode?

Hypoglycemia can cause some or all of the following symptoms:

a feeling of weakness
rapid heartbeat
difficulty concentrating
blurred vision
temporary loss of consciousness

Hypoglycemia does not cause any of the above symptoms in some diabetic patients. This is especially the case where long-standing diabetes is concerned. In these patients, convulsions and loss of consciousness can occur without warning. To avoid this, they are asked to maintain a higher level of glucose in the blood and to measure it more frequently than is normally required. This is very important.

Hypoglycemic episodes can be categorized as:
1. Mild hypoglycemia or hypoglycemic episodes. The patient can manage these episodes alone. 2. Serious hypoglycemia. The patient will need help from others, either a family member or a doctor.

Chinese Master'S WAY OF MEDICATIONS has proven to be very effective to over come all these conditions.

You may need more then 2 months of medications to be completely cured. But to improve your conditions you may need at less 4 weeks of treatment.

Blood glucose levels

Blood glucose level is the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood. It is also known as serum glucose level. The amount of glucose in the blood is expressed as millimoles per liter (mmol/l).

Blood glucose levels stay within narrow limits throughout the day (4 to 8mmol/l). But they are higher after food and usually lowest in the morning or when you are hungry.

When a person has diabetes, their blood glucose level usually moves outside these limits.

Controlling blood glucose levels:

Diabetic patients should always try to keep your glucose level as near normal as possible. The primary goal of any diabetes treatment is simply to keep the glucose level stable, then take some of Chinese Master'S HERBAL MEDICINE to get cured.

Stable blood glucose significantly reduces the risk of developing late-stage diabetic complications. These may start to appear 10 to 15 years after diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes and often less than 10 years after diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes.


Neuropathy (nerve disease)
Retinopathy (eye disease)
Nephropathy (kidney disease)
Cerebrovascular disease, such as stroke
Cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack, hypertension and heart failure.

The best readings are:

4 to 7mmol/l before meals.
less than 10mmol/l one-and-a-half hours after meals.
around 8mmol/l at bedtime.

Chinese Master's Medicine can help each of you to get into this suitable conditions.


WHAT IS A STROKE? When the blood supply to the brain is disturbed in some way and brain cells are starved of oxygen causing some cells to die and leaving other cells damaged or dead it's call a STROKE.

Most strokes happen when a blood clot blocks one of the arteries (blood vessels) that carries blood to the brain. Brain cells are starved of oxygen causing some cells to die and leaving other cells damaged when the blood supply to the brain was disturbed in some way. This type of stroke is called an inschaemic stroke.

Transient ischaemic attack (TIA) is a short-term stroke that lasts for less than 24 hours. The oxygen supply to the brain is restored quickly, and symptoms of the stroke disappear completely. A transient stroke needs prompt medical attention as it is a warning of serious risk of a major stroke.

What are the effects of a stroke?

People can be affected in quite different ways. This partly depends on which area of the brain is damaged, because different parts control different abilities such as speaking, memory, swallowing and moving. The most common signs of a stroke are weakness, paralysis or numbness of the arm and leg. Sometimes the people who have had stroke may be difficult to speak or understand.

What are the risk factors?

Age over than 40 should have an annual blood pressure check to maintain the high blood pressure.
Smokers have double the risk of stroke as non-smokers.
The people who have Diabetes.
Too much alcohol increases the risk of a stroke.
Too much intake of oily food also increases the chance.
Heavy stress.

Chinese Master's WAY OF MEDICATION has been proven effective for stroke and it has taken many years of research before coming to present way of medication and result. The special formulas for all types of stroke and at different stages and conditions. When you want to starts treatment you have to e-mail to them all your history and conditions, types of food intake and current conditions and medications. Then they can guild you on the herbs prescriptions and what to DO and what not to DO and food intake. They will then continue to guild you on the next course of medications and life.

For cases that have just started it may takes only 2 weeks of intensive treatment and usually you get 90% recovery.If you had have major hemorrhage you may recover to between 80 to 95% depending on how fast you come for the treatment.
With stroke herbs, stroke neuro acupuncture, stroke diet, stroke recuperation.

True story : Multiple Strokes and coma.

Name : Christine.
Sex : Female
Age : 58.

Complain :

Her families complain that she has multiple infract (multiple stroke within 3 weeks). Now she coma in hospital and her families cannot see their daughter / sister, just lay in the bed without action, speak or laughing. she just like dead vegetable body in the bed. She is staying in his brother private hospital in Jalan Ipoh. His brother, Dr R. has know about Chinese Master from one of his colleague and he also heard that Chinese Master is the top successful traditional doctors in Malaysia , Master in acupuncture and Top Chinese Physician. He agreed to requested for Chinese Master help and ask him to do acupuncture treatment to his sister in his hospital.

After make an appointment they meet Chinese Master at Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment in KL and tell him about Christine condition before and after she coma and saw the MRI. Chinese Master understand and told them not to worry and he can bring Christine out of coma within 1 day till 1 months. The next day his brother brings Chinese Master to the hospital where Christine was coma. All doctors and nurses were surprised to see and meet Chinese Master, the Great Famous Chinese physician.


After see her condition, Chinese Master will do brain and body acupuncture to get him from coma and make her brain more functioning. For first time acupuncture nothing happen to her but acupuncture will keep the Qi in the brain balance and strengthen it back as before.

She still continues Chinese Master’s NEURO acupuncture and after 3 days of acupuncture then she gain back 90% conscious. She totally conscious and can even crack jokes for them. She is not longer like before just lie on the bed and don’t know yet what will happen to her. Now she very happy and more appreciate in her life. She doesn't waste her time and spend more her life time with her families. She satisfied on what has Chinese Master done on her.

Her families, friend, doctors, nurses and patients in hospital were very amazing with what has happen to her. They said that Chinese Master has done a magic show to her. Everybody were happy on her so as she.


Name : Lim.BK.
Age : 50
Address ; Taman Kinrara, Puchong.

One night 7:30pm on 26th June 1997, Mr. B. K. Lim came for acupuncture treatment for facial paralysis on left side of his face.

On examination and diagnosis Chinese Master found that all his left eyes, left nose, left mouth and cheek not functioning anymore and his get paralysis on his left face. Mr. Lim sad it just happen on yesterday (26th June 97) while he is working at his glass filter machine factory and he did not realize of his face but was notice by his colleague friend. He feels likes nothing happen to his face until on of his colleague asked him what’s wrong on his left face. He tries to slap on his right face and he feels pain but nothing on left side.

Mr. Lim feels so scared and worried on what has happen to him. He immediately asks for one-month leave from his factory boss. He wants to find alternative to cure his paralysis. He is more desperate to get his face back like before. He found that Acupuncture and Herbal Medical Treatment Centre is the perfect place to cure his paralysis. He heard that Chinese Master has cured many cases like paralysis before.

Mr. Lim went to Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment and started to do acupuncture treatment. Chinese Master gives him consultation and advises him to follow his rules now. Chinese Master told him to do intensive acupuncture if he want the best result and back to normal again. Mr Lim strictly follow Chinese Master advice and he very serious to get back his normal face.

Therefore he has to take herbal medicine for paralysis every morning and night. He has to complete his acupuncture treatment for everyday until its totally cure. After 17 days he does acupuncture, day by day he feels that his left mouth move when he smiles. His face comes back to normal completely. A lot of improvement had happen to him and its come extremely fast. He totally 90% cured but he still has to come for other treatment. Now he can laugh, smiles and do whatever he wants to his face. His left eyes can blink like before and he feels pain when he slaps his face. Now he realizes that he not dreaming anymore.

His entire colleague happy with him and now he already started his work back within 1 month. He still continues his treatment and taking the herbs.

Case-3. Bell Palsy

Name : C. F. Chin

Age: 48 (Nayang Institue Instructor)

Sex: Male

Marital status : Married.

He complains that his left face has uneasiness with left eye and left ear has a problem. His left face cannot move properly. When he pulls his hair at top of his head he feel very uncomfortable. This is Bell Palsy, a mild stroke. He suspected that during his younger age he had consulted a traditional curing by combing his hair from forward to backward by him (tradition) he might feel better and put something on his head. Second suspect is during fighting he had a big punch at his left face and back of head may have knocked against some other object. Physical injury from the past.

According to Chinese Master after diagnoses, he had a mild stroke. He shouldn’t let himself stand or sit directly to air-cond or other fan. He should place it away or blow it to surrounding walls. It’s also not good for his stroke condition.

Therefore Chinese Masteradvise him and says that the only ways to cure his sickness is by Chinese Master’s NEURO Acupuncture and taking herbal medicine . After seven sessions of acupuncture he totally cure from his sickness.

Case 4- Bell Palsy:

Name : Amna
Age : 38
Sex : Female.
Career: Architect

Problem :

She said that one night when she wants to sleep, suddenly she feel that her face cannot move on right side. She doesn’t know what happen and cause of it and she try to think on what she has eaten or drink. She can’t talk, smile, blink or close her right eyes properly. She has to move her face slowly with the help of her hand and talk slowly but not clear. Sometimes when she talks, the words cannot hear correctly. She worries about her condition right now and don’t know what to do. She also can’t sleep properly at night and always wake up at midnight. When she sleeps her right eye will open and cannot close properly. She tries to sleep and close his eyes but she still can’t sleep. She can’t concentrate with her work anymore just because she cannot converse as usual, not enough sleep at night and sometimes he feels very sleepy at work. She has take 2 months leave from her company and want to find treatment for her problem. She was thinking about going to Japan to do plastic surgery. She doesn’t know the cause of her face either the food that she takes or else. Besides that, everybody who sees her always say that she was a beautiful lady but the truth is she cannot smile now and looks very bad. If she smiles, only left mouth can move but not right side. She feels more depression when all this things happen. She desperately wants to find a solution for her face paralysis.

She then goes to see a G.P. normal doctor and her said she has facial paralysis and refer her to a nervous physician. For a few days and it got worst and that makes her feels very bad.

She can’t wait and see what will happen to his whole life. Everybody besides him always give supports and encouragement to her. She knows that all of them are really concern to her. She will try her best to find the miracle cure for herself.

On the 3rd. day, one of her friend told her about Chinese Master. Chinese Master has cured thousand of cases like her’s successfully and that friends father had the same problem and was cured by Chinese Master in 7 days. Her friend was suggesting her to visit and get treatment from Chinese Master, one of the Master of Acupuncturist and Top Chinese Physician in the world. Her friend adored with Chinese Master capability in cured thousand of people over the world. She has set her mind that she really wants to get treatment from him. She wants to get a miracle touch from Chinese Master.

On the next day she go to Acupuncture & Herbal Medical Sdn. Bhd. With her friend and meet Chinese Master. After been diagnosis by Chinese Master, he told that her condition is still in early stage and luckily she comes early or her face will be paralyze forever. Chinese Master has give his advise on her condition and what kinds of food should she takes and cannot take. Then she has to do 30 minutes Chinese Master’s NEURO acupuncture for her treatment.


He has to do right face acupuncture to strengthen back her face, to eliminates her sicknesses from basic and keeps the energy balance to eliminates the obstructed Qi . She also has to take herbal medicine to balancing the energy in the body and face and to strengthen her Qi . For first time acupuncture she feels a little bit improvement to her face. She can move a little bit of her right face. We took some photos at the very start and daily to show the actual improvement. Her body feels much better than before. For the second time acupuncture she feel that her right side of face becomes very much better especially her eye, mouth, lip and movement compare to yesterday treatment. After 6 times acupuncture, Chinese Master says that almost 80% of her right side of face has recovered.

After continuing doing acupuncture her right side of face become more fit and back to normal. She also takes boiling and pills herbs everyday. Sometimes she takes special boiling herbs and herbal powder to get her face and body more strengthen and healthy. After a several times acupuncture she feels that now she can move and make any expression on her face properly and its 90% cured. Her face paralysis is totally cured and she can sleep smoothly without right eye open and wake up at night. After all these treatment leave, now she start to her work back. She doesn’t feels sleepy or tired at work. Her Bell Palsy disease that she been suffers for 7 days has gone with the wind. Now she can laugh, smile and sleep like other people. Finally she found the miracle touch from Chinese Master THE GREAT Master in KL. She very happy on what has she done and her life totally change after he met Chinese Master. Her families and friends were happy with her improvement and condition right now and looks even prettier then before. On the last day she come for treatment, she make a surprise birthday party for Chinese Master. She brought two big birthday cakes for Master. She is really happy to celebrates Chinese Master birthday because he makes her life worth and begin again.


Chinese Master’s NEURO Brain acupuncture's to help the Qi flow and activated also cure left eye and left ear and the blockage in his brain. Some body acupuncture to strengthen and treats his basic sickness by regenerating his organ and Qi in the body. Automatically its will eliminates his sickness and get stronger than before.

Conclusion :

90% recovery his Mild stroke , bell palsy in 7 treatment by Chinese Master. He can walk, run, jump and do whatever he wants after his stroke gone.


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